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We have money making, market tested and time tested small business inkjet refill and toner recharging small business plans that allows you to plan, start and sustain your own inkjet and toner cartridge business, without machines, without fees and you never need a lawyer.  

If you want to plan, start and sustain your own money making, home based work at home inkjet and toner printer copier cartridge business NDITC is the absolute leading consulting company in North America.  Take the time to learn how to buy and sell inkjet and toner cartridges from the real cartridge factories and the real factory direct wholesale dealership prices.  NDITC is the only one that shows you the secrets of money making.

Reading my story makes you money and I'm giving you the guarantee right now that you can start for free and I mean free forever.
If you would like to earn about $700 per day or about $150 per day part-time by owning your own inkjet and laser toner cartridge business keep reading.
You don't have to buy, lease or rent any machines and you're going to own the entire business.  You don't have to pay any revenue royalties or management fees and thank goodness you never need a lawyer.
Hello my name is Gregory Bodenhamer and I'm the founder and owner of NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company - Consulting Group and we reinvented the inkjet and laser toner cartridge business about 10 years ago now.
Don't get me wrong, I'm no genius but I discovered the insider secrets of the inkjet and laser toner cartridge business years ago and my story is one that you should know.
If you seriously want to own your own small business, home based or commercial, there is no better money maker than the inkjet and laser toner cartridge business.
In America today, over 220 million printers, copiers and fax machines are working right now and every single one of them requires a replacement ink or toner cartridge.
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Home Based Business Opportunity New Deal Ink and Toner Company Mechanicsburg Pa

Want to know how to become a millionaire? When the train pulls out, it’s just too late.  Different people want different things but one thing for sure, wanting to be a millionaire in America is almost universal. 

 You could be talking about your boss, political scandals or maybe even an office love affair but when someone speaks about a new idea concerning making a million dollars little else matters. 

Want to know how to become a millionaire? 

A million dollars doesn't go as far as it used to, but it's still very wealthy. Here's how you can make a million dollars. How long will it take for you to become a millionaire? Who wants to be a millionaire? 

Who wouldn't want to be? But for those on the lower end of the pay scale, striving to achieve a seven-figure net worth probably seems futile. But it can be done and we’re going to show you how.
I first wrote about this remarkable money making business that offers the average person, just like you, a chance to own their own profitable business and allows you to earn a lot more money than you're earning today.
If you're tired of the boss breathing down your neck or the mortgage company sending you past due letters or maybe you're worried about getting laid off our NDITC Small Business Plan "1776" was designed for you and it's 100% free, free forever.
You understand that most jobs are dead-end jobs and your income will always be limited.  You might have benefits one day and be forced on unemployment the next day.
If you're tired of going nowhere fast and understand that your boss has all the cash it's time that you start your own home based inkjet and laser toner cartridge business and I'll help you get started.
I'm a Fortune 500 Consultant or a fix-it man if you like that has worked for some of the largest corporations on planet earth.  My profession is to help companies get more customers, create larger sales and increase their net profits. 
As a Fortune 500 Manager I had plenty of independence, a larger than life income, first class business travel, big home, full benefits, annual bonuses, and nice cars but then the economy went bad and millions of people were out of work, losing their homes, trying to pay their bills, forced on the welfare rolls and were using food stamps to feed their families.
The people that got hurt were the good people that never missed a day's work, worked hard for their money but they still lost their jobs.
I started NDITC to help good people start their own business and put some cash in their pockets and I have helped thousands of people, just like you.
As a dealer you can buy an inkjet cartridge for about $3 that sells for $25 to $35 at the big retail stores.
If you want to learn and earn you simply register your home zip code and we'll send you a complete presentation free of charge and we'll never ask you for a credit card number or other private information.
There is an incredible boom in home based businesses for good reason.  The internet has changed the world so getting started is safe, simple and easy.
American inkjet and laser toner cartridge factories need dealers across the nation so it's inevitable that some people will become their neighborhood millionaire in this highly profitable business.
I can get you started for free.
I can get you started right.
I can guide you away from costly mistakes.
This is not about refilling inkjet cartridges or re-charging laser toner cartridges.  This is not about going around and begging for empty ink cartridges and buying some contraption to refill the cartridge.
Once you start learning and earning you can come back to NDITC to get a more advance business plan that will increase your profits.
You will find yourself earning cash profits in a matter of days as we've designed almost all of the overhead expenses out of the business plan and most of the risk has been eliminated. 
Once you fully realize that a population of 15,000 people spend over ONE MILLION DOLLARS every year on ink and toner cartridges you'll realize that this is a wonderful money making business opportunity.
We're the first nationwide cartridge consulting company that provides you with training and start-up guidance but most importantly we allow you to connect with the actual inkjet and laser toner cartridge factory. 
This is a wide-open national business opportunity so don't delay your free zip code registration.
It's a highly profitable business.
You do not need any copier or printer experience.
As the job market and economy continues to worsen you need to realize that self-employment is the only true way to guarantee your income and future prosperity. 
You will simply buy inkjet and laser toner cartridges at the real factory wholesale price and re-sell them to friends, family and small business owners in your area. 
If you're ambitious enough to go to work every day then your ambitious enough to own your own inkjet and toner cartridge business.  NDITC is tried, tested and proven and we're firmly established within the inkjet and toner cartridge business segment.
It's not the lazy man's way to wealth but it sure is close as you only work a couple of hours a week and create tremendous cash profits.
No special skills required.
No business experience required.
No college degree required.
I'm going to give you everything you need to start earning money and you'll never owe me a penny.
You're going to be the boss.
You keep all the profits.
You pay no monthly fees.
This is a first class business opportunity.
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