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Helping you make money again, or finding a new home based income is what we do. The Guide Refill Books, The Guide Small Business Book is a great start. If you're on unemployment or under employed, register today, free.


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Inkjet Toner Cartridge Refilling Remanufacturing Home Business NDITC Guides Manuals At Home Jobs Income Make Money Start A Business Free

Make Money, Start A Home Based Inkjet and Toner Printer Copier Fax Cartridge business with a free NDITC small business plan. Earn $500,000.00 a year

Make Money, Start A Home Based Inkjet and Toner Printer Copier Fax Cartridge business with a free NDITC small business plan. Earn $500,000.00 a yearand never leave home. 

The best small business in America is easier than you think and you can start in a matter of days.  There are several inkjet and toner printer, copier and fax cartridge factories in America that need dealers and agents.   Are you ready to earn$500,000.00 next yea rwhile sitting on your sofa? 

It's not a tease, it's a New Deal Ink and Toner Company. The Number One Small Business Plan and Guide in America; Both men and woman, working or not working, 

continue to register http://www.newdealink.com/register.php  

with NDITC every week and have removed their resumes from the piles of countless economic slaves that still follow the rules into bankruptcy. It's time that you truly considered self-employment, the only true path to happiness and prosperity.  

Millions or people are under-employed or unemployed and are trying to hold on by using SNAP food stamps to feed their families.   Many millions of people have lost their long standing jobs and family incomes and they never missed a day’s work in the life. As they look for a job they run into many countless obstacles; “your over qualified” “you’re too old now” “they don’t have a college degree” “they’ve been unemployed too long” and a host of other reasons. As these same people, that need money, toil day and night searching “Monster” or “Career Builders” they have started to see the light even in the middle of their long unemployed nights of worry. 

The trouble with the rat race, even if you win, you're still a rat so they only way to solve your income problem is to start your own small business and become a seller of something.  You can already imagine that sellers have all the money because buyers give it to them. Ink Refill Small Business Guide-Learn from the leader NDITC and get your free inkjet and toner cartridge refilling business handbook, guidebook and manual when you register for free. Create and Establish your own home based work at home business.  Learn the factory direct inkjet and toner cartridge drop shipping secrets and start earning home based cash income.  You can easily earn a hundred dollars every day before lunch or even a few thousand dollars every day of the week, including weekends.   Most people are very confused about how, when and if to start their very own small business.  

NDITC was created by a Fortune 500 specialist years ago to help the people he knew create their own prosperity. The inventive genius is not always about creating a new toaster oven, a new high flying airplane or a new safety razor that conquers the consumer markets around the world.  In fact, most small business ideas come from old ideas that are simply improved. You can go to Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Amazon and a lot of other places today and buy a name branded inkjet and toner cartridge like HP Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Brother, Minolta, Samsung, Xerox or any other top brand.  What the author of the NDITC business plans teaches the NDITC clients you can become your own re-seller or retailer very quickly and create a great home based income.  Thousands of people have registered with NDITC, they all started free, and we mean free forever. Some of the best ideas literally are created by reworking something already in the market.

The founder of NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company is a Fortune 500 Specialist and over the last few years he has modified or adjusted the entire inkjet and toner printer cartridge market.  

This took a lot of time, a great deal of cash because everybody inside the inkjet and toner cartridge market wanted him to lose but, he won and he now helps people all across North America start their own business. It was clear that billions of profitable dollars were being made by simply selling the inkjet printer cartridges and the laser toner printer cartridges.The big retailers like Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Amazon didn't make the cartridges, they were simply sellers of cartridges.  As a Fortune 500 Specialist he has worked for some of the largest for profit organizations on planet earth today, teaching them about customer order fulfillment, distribution, retailing, e-commerce retailing,  warehousing, transportation, retailing, wholesaling, customer development and introduced Learning, Performance and Development Programs that are being used today.   These (LaPD) plans are now available to NDITC clients for a tiny fraction of the market prices.  To avoid any risk or concerns of new NDITC clients you can enjoy a free small business plan "1776", simply by registering. Take a moment and register your home zip code today, it's fast, free and easy 

Simply pick the money making plan you want This is not a franchise.  You pay no franchise fees,no refilling machine required, no complicated contracts andyou never pay any royalty fees. We're Not Trying To Sell You Any Type OfInk Cartridge Refilling Machines, We're Not Trying To Sell YouInkjet Or Toner Cartridges We're Offering You The Best Known,Most Widely Accepted Ink and TonerCartridge Business Planning  

We're Small Business Consultantshttp://www.NewDealInk.ComNew Deal Ink and Toner Company (NDITC)Mechanicsburg, PA USA  From Printers, Ink and Toner Printer Copier Fax Cartridges, Refill Refilling Machines, Secret Wholesale Providers, Training Manuals, Tips, Money Secrets, Education Starts Free with powerful PDF open plans that let you start your own ink and toner business free of charge.  Give me money or give me the way to get money?  People write NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company asking for NDITC staff to help them find a job, how can I work from home and make money, how do I learn about inkjet and laser toner printer copier and fax cartridges, how can I get money, how do I get money, how do you get money, how can I get cash and always please help me with making money.  

NDITC has become the leading cartridge consulting company in North America and in 2009 was named “The Safest Business Plan in America” and has been improving year after year. With unique and one-of-a-kind teaching, coaching and mentoring the founder of NDITC takes every client on a remarkable journey of discovery.  The famous NDITC Picture Books helps the client understand the multi-billion dollar global inkjet and toner cartridge business allowing them to plan, start and maintain their own successful business.  The author teaches you about the secondary cartridge factory’s inside America that are creating middle class incomes for thousands of clients.  You have the opportunity to learn from the founder which is a real life Fortune 500 supply chain, fulfillment, distribution, transportation, retail – wholesale, e-commerce expert that helps you understand the secrets of creating your individual wealth. 

The NDITC series of small business plans are used all across America and help people create their own secure and stable incomes while working at home or on main street.  If the client is willing to learn and understand that wealth creation is a combination of education, experiences, emotional controls and even human evolutionary traits you’re in for a wonderful journey.  You will learn about the powerful market forces and organizations that have created and controlled the inkjet and toner cartridge markets and reaped billions in profits. 

 You can learn that major big box retail operations and linked to global factories through the supply chain and have earned billions but, now they are suffering and subject to immediate failure.  As a future business owner you will see that the internet has changed the world, your employer, the cartridge factory,  retail distribution, wholesale availability and even your ability to earn a middle class income.  These remarkable and global changes has created massive unemployment, under-employment but, on the other side of the coin a great new generation of wealth creation.  You can now plan, start and sustain your own inkjet and laser toner cartridge business with the ease of clicking your mouse button.  You can connect to the real cartridge factory and purchase direct, at the real factory direct wholesale prices.  These new connections are changing the world and you can see America changing, day by day.  The most powerful of retailers are trying to survive this changing world, the new way of business but many are too late.  You can own your small money making business in a matter of days and go head to head with the big retailers like Office Depot, Staples, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, Costco, Amazon and win the customer and the cash profits. These are exciting and profitable times, so don’t delay.  You can start earning cash money in a matter of days if you’re willing to learn and apply any of the NDITC small business plans.    


Your Present Day Experience is Good EnoughThe Lost Luck is returning to hundreds of NDITC Ink and Toner Cartridge Clients. If you want to win and need some help take a few minutes and learn the SECRETS of NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company. Your life has been the very experience you need to start a business. You don’t have to have any experience beyond common sense and you never need any refill machines or other expensive equipment and supplies. You can quickly become an authorized dealership for the Global Brands like HP Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Dell and Brother and a lot more. 

Our Learning, Performance and Development Teaching programs teach you everything you need to know to start your own inkjet and toner printer cartridge business. For the very first time in the marketplace the NDITC Company lets you learn the insider secrets of this multi-billion dollar business from the comfort of your own home or office. How Do You Get Started?What Is The Inkjet Toner Cartridge Business?How Can You Get Honest Help? 


You Don't Need To Borrow To Earn MoneyThe NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company Small Business Plans are protected by law and international copyright laws 2013-2014-2015-2016 Publications, Success Stories, Small Business Plans, Guidebooks, Instructions, Workbooks, Blueprints and other confidential services are all included. Most people spend more money on a nice pair of shoes than it takes to open their own money making business.  You have been taught that it takes a lot of money to start your own business, no.  You need a lot of knowledge and just a little bit of cash money. You don’t need a lot of money today and you don’t need a lot of money tomorrow. The NDITC copyrighted plans have removed the financial risk of refilling machines, franchise offers, store leases, inventory insurance and all the other things that steal your profits and future. 

The NAND North American Neighborhood Dealership Plan is a remarkable and affordable opportunity for your family, friends and other business associates.  You don’t need a banker because the NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company will finance your start up and get you started owning your very own inkjet and toner printer cartridge business. Send our office a request for your Free Dealership Application and get started within days earning profits. Strategic Factory Partnerships,Alliance Dealership Programs,Quick Start Business Plans


Why Make Another Company Richer Than YouWe authored the BOOK on ink and toner cartridges and in fact it started an industry wide and global inkjet and toner printer copier fax cash register cartridge war.  You can learn more about the BOOK and the best news you don't have to buy because it's a vital part of every NDITC business plan. The BOOK is full of free tips that make you money.  We're more than a school, we're the college of the ink and toner cartridge business.  Free Online Download Books are available to get you started.  Ink Toner Printers Factory Wholesale Training Manuals are all inside the NDITC business plans. 

You don’t have to pay $100K or $200K to some inkjet and toner franchise company. NDITC is not an inkjet or toner printer cartridge franchise it’s a proven and market tested set of Fortune 100 business plans that are working today all over America and Canada.  NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company quickly became the leading inkjet and toner cartridge consulting company in North America over the last seven years. We offer real-life and life-size small business plans for hard working people that want their own business. We’ve saved people millions of dollars by helping them understand to never buy another person’s dream. 

Franchise offers are a wonderful way to pay for another person's dream but, your business is about you and your family. When you purchase a franchise offer you truly never own the entire business because you’ll spend years paying management fees, administration and advertising fees and sending your not-so-confidential financial records to perfect strangers every month along with your hard earned money. NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company prides itself on creating the honest small business opportunity for average people across America and now Canada. When you become a NDITC NAND New Deal Ink and Toner North American Neighborhood Dealership it’s 100% your business and you keep all the profits while operating under a name of your choice. Job Vacancies,Job Opportunities,Career Opportunities,Employment Opportunities,Government Jobs, New Jobs, Job Openings,Job Seekers. 


You're In Business One Day At A TimeThe truth of the matter you don't want another job.  The real truth is that you want an income and not a job. You can start your business today with peace of mind as you can start part-time or full-time.  NDITC is the perfect business plan because you can keep your current job while you get started and build your business. You don’t have to quit your job to jump into your own business.  Every NDITC plan lets you go as fast or as slow as you decide.  NDITC has created several inkjet and toner printer cartridge small business plans that can satisfy your requirements to start your own inkjet and toner printer cartridge business.  

We offer the NDITC client the peace of mind that no other organization can offer. All you do is simply request the North American Neighborhood Dealership Application and NDITC will send you important information that helps you get started within days, not months and you don’t have to send us any money. Our entire NDITC small business plan selection has a central focus on eliminating or reducing your business risk. We want 43,000 citizens to own their own business so get started today while building a stronger America. As a self-governing dealership you'll own the whole business and never pay NDITC any fees.  We’re so confident and sure of our plans and your success that we never ask you for a credit card number and we’re not asking you to send any money to get started. We found out years ago that thousands of people want to own their own small business but were reluctant to send money to a stranger.  We’ve solved that problem also as NDITC will trust you first so you can start your inkjet and toner printer cartridge business with confidence that you’re not getting cheated. NDITC Plan 1302 is free of any charges, we like to call it free forever. Simply register and get started. Refilling Ink Cartridges Creates Millionaires,Catalogs Are Out And Web Sites Are In,Adult Monster Business Plans 


Times Are Tough So Accept A Helping HandIf you happen to be unemployed at this moment in time it’s very important that you alert NDITC when you fill out your NAND application or make your registration request.  These tough economic times are difficult but creating more American jobs, helping people start their own business and spreading the wealth of knowledge and information is surely the key to our mutual success. We’ll do everything we can to help you start your own inkjet and toner printer cartridge business so you can start earning income for your family.  Many states allow you to earn income while still receiving your total unemployment compensation payments.  You can operate your own NDITC NAND Neighborhood Inkjet and Toner printer cartridge business while collecting unemployment money in most states without any problems. 

The Shocking Truth About RetailersThat You Better LearnBest Buy, closing 200-250 storesBarnes Noble, closing 190-240 storesSears, closing 100-125 storesK-Mart, closing 175-225 storesJ.C. Penny, closing 300-350 storesOffice Depot, closing 125-150 storesOffice Max, closing 150-175 storesStaples Inc., closing 100-200 storesRadio Shack, closing 450-550 stores. 


You've Done A Lot For America We Continue To Thank YouA Discharge is a Termination, with Honor.  Now it's time that you join the workforce and make your mark. Don't waste your time taking one of the chump jobs from some big box retailer like Wal-Mart because you're going to join the millions of minimum wage working slaves.  You deserve more and you have the motivation to enjoy fun and prosperity within capitalism. If you are a returning Veteran from Afghanistan or Iraq it’s also important that you so indicate on your NAND application so we can help you establish your inkjet and toner printer cartridge income quickly. We're very glad your home and we thank you for what you've done for our country. The life, liberty and economic freedom that we enjoy today couldn't be a reality if it wasn't for you and the thousands of other men and women that have protected our freedom and liberty.  We believe in you and the American way. Mail Order Is Alive and Well but DifferentE-Commerce Stores Replaced Mail OrderStart Your Own Local, Regional, National or GlobalInkjet and Laser Toner Cartridge Business


Recession Come And Go But Your Business Could Be ForeverThe inkjet and toner printer cartridge business is world-wide and it’s alive and well right in your own neighborhood. You know the name HP Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Dell and Brother and you should know there's a lot more. It’s not like offering ice-cream in the summer or mowing lawns as the business opportunity lasts all year. Inkjet and Toner is not a seasonal business and you’ll be able to earn a reasonable income all year, day or night rain or shine.  Most people never realize that Office Max, Staples, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Office Depot and dozens of other major retailers earn a major portion of their profits buying and selling inkjet and toner printer cartridges. 

With over 225 million printers in America today your customer base for inkjet and toner printer cartridge is massive and very profitable. This very minute inkjet and toner printers are producing business reports, color brochures, business cards, school projects and a million other print jobs. You’ll be able to profit by supplying top-quality inkjet and toner printer cartridges in your area zip code selling area. How To Become A Millionaire This YearSelling Something To The New Global CustomerWhat 

The Mail Order Bride Business Taught Wall-StreetEmail Marketing Ink Toner Cartridge RefillingRe-Manufacturing Cartridges Without Refill Machines 


You Are Surrounded By Wealth In Your Neighborhood

The NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company research is world-class and has fully discovered and created the small business inkjet and toner business plans for you to capture the profits from your neighborhood. You are surrounded by cash money. Your friends, neighbors, family members and local business owners must buy inkjet and toner printer cartridges.  Every 15,000 person population creates ONE MILLION DOLLARS in gross inkjet and toner printer cartridge sales. If a person has a computer they also have a printer which means they must buy inkjet and toner printer cartridges to enjoy the benefits of printing at home or at the office. Every other person you know owns a computer and a printer. This is the most amazing cash profit business you could ever want. Start your own business. Start making money, Start making a lot more friends. NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company is the North American leader. You can get connected with the real-life inkjet toner printer cartridge factories, dealers, brokers, fulfillment and distribution centers. You can make money, right now. Friendship Won't Pay Your DirectlyRelationships Will Make Your Filthy Rich

If You're Tired of Poor, Try Rich 


Recession Minded Companies Want To Save More Money

How can you get more money?  How do you make more money?  

The recession depression you're living through today is mostly man-made and government control over the populations of the world. Certain income levels are growing but you're on the outside looking in a foggy window.  You can make more money online selling ink and toner cartridges than the banker down the street. Online money making is the way of the future.  Working for another person, within the next twenty years will simply be removed from 1st world economies. The economic recession presents the absolute perfect opportunity to start your own inkjet and toner printer cartridge business. During a recession your friends, family, neighbors and local business owners are looking for great ways to save money, just like you.  Your company will be able to save them a great deal of money by offering superior inkjet and toner printer cartridges.  You’re going to make a lot of life-long friends and earn a great deal of money.  The inkjet and toner business is a multi-billion dollar per year business that generates millions and millions in profits every week within North America. You can see by our 2011 map that we keep doubling in size every year. 

The 2012 map doubles again and we really look forward to the 2013 marketing season for our clients. Billions of dollars are spent on inkjet and toner printer cartridges and you have customers waiting on better deals, high quality and old fashioned great services. It's your time to own your own small business.  As an authorized North American Neighborhood Dealership will be able to offer factory direct name brand world-class inkjet and printer cartridges. All the major inkjet and toner printer cartridge brands like HP Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Dell, Brother, Sharp, Panasonic, Xerox and many others will be available to your customers. As our economy struggles you’ll discover that printer inkjet and toner printer cartridge customers still must buy cartridges and they want a better price. Making Money Online Made EasyUsing Other People Money and Merchandise

Low Income Is Now A Choice

Unemployment Is Now A Choice 

You Can Skip Millions Of People Shoot Themselves and Die Broke  

THE REAL CARTRIDGE FACTORYThe Real Inkjet Toner Cartridge Factory Require More DealershipsThere are very few real life cartridge manufacturing companies.  Money and Time saving machines create ink and toner printer copier cartridges by the millions for pennies on the dollar. You have main stream cartridge factories and also secondary market manufacturing companies.  These companies share the same technology and machine processes to create ink and toner cartridges.  The big global brands thought they would control the market, but everything changed for the better.

 You will be able to purchase inkjet and toner printer cartridges direct from the real factory and their authorized distributors. The real inkjet and toner printer cartridge factories are closely held trade secrets and are almost impossible to find.  For the first time ever within North America NDITC offers our clients real-life factory direct wholesale information that has never been offered before. The roster of wholesale factories, distributors, brokers, agents, fulfillment and distribution centers remain your pathway to prosperity.  

You can purchase a brand new compatible inkjet printer cartridge starting at $0.43 cents each that sells for $25.00. The big box retailers (supply chain partners) that sell the inkjet and toner printer cartridges have direct links to the factories (original equipment manufacturers) known as the O.E.M's and they have taken advantage of millions of customers around the world.  When you combine the absolute global power HP Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Dell, Brother, Apple, Kyocera, Minolta, Okidata, Panasonic, Pitney Bowes, Rocoh, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Zerox, Konica, Lanier, Mita, I.B.M., Olivetti, N.C.R., Fujitsu with these global supply chain retail giants Staples Inc., Office Max, Office Depot, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and others it was just about impossible for a small business to survive. Now with NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company, you can break open the safe of secrets and open your own small business.  You can buy name brand toner printer cartridges starting at $12.00 that sell for over $100.00 each. 

We all understand that prices change all the time, wholesale and retail, but the margins are predictable and there is a fortune to be made. The Real Cartridge Factory is the key to your inkjet and toner printer cartridge business as they offer the real life factory direct wholesale price. You can truly buy an inkjet cartridge for less than a dollar that sells for over $25.00 today at Staples, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and all the others.  The real printer cartridge factories are closely guarded secrets and they do not advertise to the general public. The factory direct wholesale price is a remarkable price when compared to the national big box retail price.  You can quickly type in “Wholesale Inkjet Cartridges” of “Wholesale Toner Printer Cartridges” in a Google search and never find the real factories.  

As in any money making business segment it’s highly concealed and controlled. What you find on the internet is the false factories, the second rate dealers, the counterfeiters and other con-artists like machine makers and used inkjet and toner printer cartridge buyers.  

Our NDITC Founder took years to travel and explore the intimate details of the inkjet and toner printer cartridge industry before NDITC was opened for honest business. Every Cartridge Factory Is A CooperativeFactories Need Agents Brokers Sellers Retailers and Merchants

Low Cost Doesn't Mean Low Quality, AnymoreThe Best Factory Prices Are Not On The InternetLow Cost Ink Toner Cartridge Re-Manufacturing  EVERYTHING MADE VERY SIMPLEWe're The Best Small Business Coaches In The BusinessIdeas are hard to find.  A great idea is almost impossible.  A Money Making Home Business Idea and How To Start Your Own Work At Home Money Making Business is a Dream Come True.  NDITC will show you how to sell ink and toner cartridges and make money.  You're going to save your customers a lot of money, a bundle of time and you're going to make long lasting friends.  People buy office supplies all the time but the cash profits are found within inkjet and toner printer copier fax and cash register cartridges. You don’t need to know anything about printers or printer cartridge technology. NDITC allows you to start earning while you’re learning like no other company. You need special knowledge and that's what NDITC is all about.  Buying and Selling inkjet and toner printer cartridges is as easy as 1, 2, and 3 when you know the real factories and the insider information that you will have available. You'll be able to earn cash money income very quickly and with very little effort or time. You never refill inkjet cartridges or toner cartridges.  You’ll be purchasing “ready for the printer” cartridges direct from the factories.  You’ll be able to turn pennies into dollars very easily by purchasing inkjet and toner printer cartridges factory direct at the real factory direct wholesale price. If you went to Staples today and picked up the Brother Inkjet Cartridge LC41 what would you pay as a retail customer? You’re going to pay less than one dollar, the real factory direct wholesale price. Unemployment - Underemployment - WelfarePublic Assistance - Discrimination - Health ProblemsEducation - Mal-Nutrition - Civil Rights EXPERT MANAGEMENT CONSULTINGMaking Money Experts With Proven Years Of ExperienceConsultants Solve Problems and we can solve your cash income or low cash income problem. Our Founder and Owner is a Fortune 100 Business Specialist and Expert that allows you to make money while in the comfort of your home or your own store on main-street.  The NDITC business model was researched and developed over many years and was brought to market almost seven years ago.  The major players in the market and the global power HP Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Dell, Brother, Apple, Kyocera, Minolta, Okidata, Panasonic, Pitney Bowes, Rocoh, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Zerox, Konica, Lanier, Mita, I.B.M., Olivetti, N.C.R., Fujitsu with these global supply chain retail giants Staples Inc., Office Max, Office Depot, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and others paid little attention at first due to their market stature and their enormous cash flows and profits. Your connected to the NDITC benefits through our NDITC client contract which protects your small business investments and the actual plans and designs. The major inkjet and toner Franchise offers paid little attention also but, that's all changed when NDITC became a force within North American Markets.  NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company based in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania has the only truly proven system in the market today and the global players are having to adjust their plans, systems, designs and strategies due to the power of people just like you. You will be operating within a proven system, with proven factories and suppliers while at the same time receiving Fortune 100 Consulting as part of every small business plan. Just by simply viewing this web site and other other sites you have already become part of the contract. To gain meaningful access to the NDITC small business plans you must register your zip code. Its fast, safe and easy and always free.  We’ll show you how to tap into the wealth of inkjet and toner cartridges quickly and easily. Literally thousands of Research & Development hours have been allocated to the exact research that we offer NDITC clients.  We make sure that every paid client gets their own copy of “The Master Plan” that will open your eyes and get you started on the road to prosperity.  This 200 page Master Plan (divided by chapters, just like a book) sets the stage for you to first see the greatest small business inkjet and toner printer cartridge plan ever created and then how to capture the profits without banks, lawyers, refill machines and you never pay any royalty fees, sales and marketing fees and other charges that drain your profits and destroys your dream. Our company is called New Deal for a reason as it represents the only New Deal Ink and Toner Company. Cash For Free - Profitable Small Home BusinessWal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot,Stationary Envelopes Paper Ink Toner Cartridges FULL TRAINING GUARANTEEDWe Show You Everything Not Like A FranchiseThe NDITC founder is an expert Fortune 500 coach, trainer and is famous within the Learning, Performance and Development business segment. Cartridge Ink and Toner Refilling is a dead business and has been replaced by inkjet and laser toner cartridge remanufacturing which creates tremendous wealth. Our NDITC exclusive learning small business plans are of University Quality that you can learn from and start earning cash money. The unique Picture-Book-Learning small business plans are a big hit with NDITC clients around North America.  Our Founder is a Fortune 100 Authority within Learning, Performance and Developmental Teaching – Guidance – Education and Instructional Management and the NDITC plans, systems and designs are delivered right to your email.  You are never forced into expensive travel as everything you need will be at your finger tips.  You never have to spend money on travel because everything is sent right to your home or office and you can learn and earn at your own pace. Remember, you never pay royalty fees, management fees, sales and advertising fees and you can buy from any vendor your wish. This will be your business, your profits and we're here to help you along the way.  NDITC clients receive year round support and market information right from the protected areas of our Primary Global web site NewDealInk.Com  You also receive on-line email consulting to answer your questions concerning opportunities, manufacturing, marketing, sales, operational management, distribution, on-line fulfillment, e-commerce sales, drop shipping and a host of other money making areas of your business. NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Companies Founder Gregory Bodenhamer is a leading business expert within  Supply Chain Management,  Fulfillment and Distribution,  Transportation Management,  Inventory Control Management,  Retail Store Management,  Facility Management,  Sales Marketing,  Advertising Print and Internet Media,  Human Resources,  Performance Management and has worked directly within major Fortune 500 companies. What Type of Small Business Do You WantYou have many choices to make but be very certain before you invest your time, money, hopes and dreams to your own small business. Cleaning company, Fundraiser, Landscaping, Bookkeeper, Party Planner, Organizer, Researcher, Seamstress, Dress Maker, Grass Cutting, Writer, Graphic Artist, Pool Service, Service, Elder Care, Dog Washing and Grooming, Consignment Shop, Tutoring, Music Teacher, Handyman, Nursing, Printing, Auto Repair, Construction, Home Repair, Brokerage, Manufacturing, Practitioners, Amusement, Recreation. WE’RE THE ABSOLUTE LEADEROver The Last Seven Years We've Become The Leader in North AmericaNDITC is the leader in our business segment simply because we have the only proven and tested program that makes our clients profitable and happy in a very short period of time.  NDITC has grown faster than many famous brands that you know like Starbucks, Wal-Mart, McDonalds and many others. NDITC leadership spent many years perfecting the dealership/client business model that works anywhere in North America without Franchise Fees, Complicated Contracts, Management Fees, Advertising Fees and most importantly you own the entire business and keep all the profits.  Under the leadership of our founder NDITC has found a solid base of growing customers that are earning profits and making friends without ever buying an expensive inkjet or toner refill refilling machine. If you want to own your own small business there is not a better way than what you're learning about right now. The inkjet and laser toner printer copier fax point of sale (cash register) business is a sure fire money maker. You first customers will be your friends, family and neighbors and you can watch your business grow from there. Do You Know These NamesA Small World, Bebo, Black Planet, Classmates, Cyworld, Dlicious, Deviant, Douban, Facebook, Flixster, Flickr, Fotolog, FourSquare, Friendsten, GoodReads, Google, Habbo, Hi5, Linkedin, LiveJournal, MyLife, Myspace, Netlog, Orkut, Plaxo, Qzone, Twitter, Skype, Dropbox, Windows Live, Instagram, Binq, Microsoft, Yahoo, Library of Alexandria. How about the names of Apple Brother Canon Dell Epson HP Hewlett Packard Kyocera Lexmark Minolta Okidata Panasonic Pitney Bowes Rocoh Samsung Sharp Toshiba Xerox Konica Lanier Mita I.B.M. Olivetti N.C.R. Fujitsu Staples Office Max Office Depot Best Buy Walmart Sears THE BILLION DOLLAR BOOKIt Was The Book That Started The WarNow over six years ago our founder wrote the bestselling book “Billion Dollar Ink” that set the industry talking and then screaming. NDITC clients were talking about their new small business profits and global giants were screaming about "who let the cat out of the bag?" and where was Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. The inkjet and toner printer cartridge business is full of profits, prosperity and wealth and it is protected by some of the largest corporations in the world. They continue their screaming today about NDITC and so do our so-called competitors in the market today..WARNING COPYRIGHT PROTECTED 2012-2013-2014  Our own NDITC NAND small business plans are protected by contracts and international copyright protection laws. Everything we (NDITC) say or publish is protected intellectual property international laws and violators are prosecuted to the full extent of the established laws. This or any other text, program, brochure, article, design, system, process cannot be distributed without prior written approval from NDITC ownership. Severe Penalties Are Applicable for Infractions..The book “Billion Dollar Ink” revealed the industry secrets, profit margins and manufacturing’s top secret information to NDITC clients creating our own Brand of Truth within the multi-billion dollar marketplace.  NDITC created the buzz in the profitable inkjet and toner printer cartridge market that generates dealership/client profits this very day.  All over America and now Canada NDITC clients are buying direct from the factory and selling inkjet and toner printer cartridges while producing great profits and friends. KFC Has A Secret RecipeCoca Cola Has A Secret RecipeDunkin Donuts Has A Secret RecipeMcDonalds Has A Secret Recipe OUR SECRETS ARE YOUR SECRETSKnowledge Is Power Knowledge Is ProfitYou can create your own money making business by using one of the ink and toner segments many money making secrets. Everything we learn we tell to you to help you plan, start and sustain your inkjet and laser toner business. We exposed the industry tactics of Original Equipment Manufacturers O.E.M.’s like HP Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Dell, Brother, Sharp, Xerox and dozens of others and uncovered their secrets to making Billions of dollars in profits.  We also brought to light the fantastic supply chain money making miracles that are used by famous retailers like Office Max, Staples, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Radio Shack and hundreds of others.  We’re going to show you how to open your very own inkjet and toner printer cartridge business.  We’re going to show you where to buy high quality major brand name inkjet and printer cartridge from quality factories and their authorized distributors. You’re never going to work for another person again. We're Saving The PlanetHow Can The Children Help Us Save The PlanetAre You Helping Recycle Glass Paper and CartridgesCan You Help Us Save The Children THE GREAT FRAUD & FAD OF GREENThe Biggest National Rip Off In AmericaIt must be the largest scam ever taken against consumers around the world.  The O.E.M. Ink and Toner Cartridge Makers and O.E.M. Printer Makers Fund and Support the biggest con job, rip-off, trick and swindle with the help of their partners in crime known as retailers. We made public that the “Green Environmental Recycling” craze is truly about making millions of extra dollars every week and very little to do with saving the planet.  The “Fad of Green” is about the passion for money and not really about making your planet any better.  The recycling plans and programs of major retailers and their O.E.M. suppliers continue to break the full promise of recycling and reusing the inkjet and toner printer cartridges.  NDITC will show you how to PROFIT by understanding what we think is the greatest scheme and swindle by major retailers that continues to this very day. Android Robots are Machines.Machines Help People Create and Improve ProductsMachines Break Down All The TimeMachines Are Just One StepMachines Can Cost Tens of Thousands of DollarsMachines Cost A Lot of MoneyTypewriters Are Dead ForeverDumpsters Garages and Basements are fullof once useful machines rusting away.Nobody Uses The Yellow PagesTry and Find A New Buggy Whip FactoryNobody Buys Ink Toner Refilling Machines Any More  IT’S NOT ABOUT MACHINESA Refilling Machine Is A Losing IdeaA refill machine is a good idea that got old.  You're not going to find a typewriter or a buggy whip factory in the really old and never used tired yellow pages. Most machines were a good idea but they are often replaced by better machines or a new process to complete the same functions.  Real Ink and Toner Cartridge Factories can afford $100,000 for an automatic, multi-functional, computer assisted ink cartridge refill machine or toner recharging equipment.  They will produce thousands of cartridges every hour and can generate the gross revenue to support such large expenses and constant upgrades.  A small ink and toner cartridge business cannot afford to buy, lease or rent a machine because in a matter of 90 days its obsolete and needs to be replaced. You can buy one machine today and before you get the crate off its obsolete.  Refill Machine companies are trying to sell their cheap imported machines all over the world.  It’s very tempting to think that you can buy a little refilling machine and get rich but we have removed the smoke and mirrors. The only people making money is the company that sells you the machine because they never tell you the whole store. Once you buy the machine you’re on your own. The small town refill refilling business is dead and almost gone no matter what the machine makers may offer you. The consumer has moved away from simple refilling and moved to re-manufacturing or re-built inkjet and toner printer cartridges. The major retailers and their manufacturing partners are buying up millions of used cartridges every year to slaughter the inkjet and toner refilling small business.  The multi-international companies have destroyed the mom and pop refilling business because they have simply bought all the used inkjet and toner cartridges and destroyed them.  NDITC found the solution and brought it to market over five years ago and it’s growing stronger every day. You have found the perfect small inkjet and toner printer cartridge business plans ever created. Making Money is Called ProfitProfit is Making MoneyYou Can Create Your Daily IncomeInvest One Dollar and Turn The Same OneDollar Into $25 to $35 Dollars  IT’S YOUR DREAM COME TRUEThe Money Making Starts TodayYou take a small amount of money and turn it into a larger sum of money.  It's called free enterprise capitalism.  Making profit is a lot easier than you think and you can truly own your own profitable company.   “Don’t spend money you don’t have and never pay for another person’s dream.” That was Greg’s first sentence in the Wall-Street Journalist Article that launched New Deal Ink and Toner Company around the world.  NDITC understands that if you buy a machine, buy bulk ink and bulk toner, purchase cartridge parts and supplies and go out and advertise your business you’ll be broke in less than a year. NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company, Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania U.S.A. came to market slowly like any new business and then suddenly exploded all over the United States of America and now Canada. Years of research, years of testing the market and over thirty years of Fortune 100 experience in conjunction with the power of the internet allowed NDITC to expand rapidly and profitably across the United States.  NDITC is very affordable because the Research and Development Costs have been shared by our clients all across North America keeping the actual price our clients pay very low. A single customer would have to pay NDITC tens of thousands of dollars for our small business plans. NDITC designed our company to have hundreds of customers which keeps our pricing very low and our services very high.  NDITC clients receive top-notch Fortune 100 consulting and business planning for pennies on the dollar. We offer affordable and proven systems; plans and ideas that are market tested creating profits. You own the entire business and you operate under your name and you can make all the money you want. Business Is FunProfits Are Possible FREE ENTERPRISE IS YOUR ANSWERYou Live Inside Of Prosperity In AmericaWe strongly believe in the Free Enterprise System and the opportunity and wealth it creates.  NDITC is a company that believes that if you give honest people the truth they can create their own neighborhood business and earn straightforward profits while helping their customers.  If you really want your very own American Dream Business you have found the small business opportunity that creates profits, friends and a great future.The NAND North American Neighborhood Dealership Plan is a Zip Code Driven plan so make sure you register your zip code today. Simply go to the link below and register free. REMEMBER TO REGISTER YOUR ZIP CODE
NDITC GLOBAL SITEhttp://www.newdealink.com/register.php NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company The founder of NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company is a Fortune 100 Specialist and over the last five or six years he has modified or adjusted the entire inkjet and toner printer cartridge market.It was clear that billions of profitable dollars were being made by simply selling the inkjet printer cartridges and the laser toner printer cartridges.Our founders knew exactly what to alter and rework to create the first ever nationwide, privately owned, independently operated profitable chain store operation.It also seems that NDITC may be one of the key factors in the return of prosperity to thousands of individual business owners in America and also Canada.A very closely held NDITC NAND research and development project was financed and a careful study of the present-day inventive and industrial activity of such multi-international companies like HP Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Dell, Brother and dozens of others revealed no revolutionary or ideal distribution channels for the manufactured printers and those little money making inkjet and toner printer cartridges known as consumables.Also revealed were the struggling retail giants like Best Buy, Staples, Office Max, Sears, Office Depot, and even Wal-Mart had no revolutionary development on the horizon to create sales and operating profits concerning inkjet and toner printer cartridges.  NDITC Popular Posts Become Richer NDITC Inkjet Toner Start Your Own Inkjet Toner Printer Cartridge Business Gregory Bodenhamer Explains Small business wealth prosperity  Your Own Ink Toner Cartridge Business, NDITC, Start Your Ink Toner ...Ink Cartridge Toner Cartridge Home Business Plan BUY ALL THE CARTRIDGES YOU WANT FOR ONLY $39.95 New Deal Ink and Toner CompanyStart Your Own Ink Cartridge and Toner Cartridge Business Yes you can, Start your very own, home based or commercial, ink and ton...  Dealers Resellers Brokers NDITC Inkjet Toner Printer CartridgesNDITC Inkjet Refilling Business Manual Authored by Gregory Bodenhamer Fortune 100 Consulting Specialist NDITC Founder and Owner of N...  NDITC American Free Enterprise Business Solutions Start Inkjet Laser Toner Printer Cartridge Refill Refilling Business At a recent inkjet and toner refill business conference I noticed the T.V. or maybe a Radio reporter walking about with his microphone attached to his right hand. The reported tended, it seems, to follow around the naturally fashionable ladies with their nice figures and smiling faces.Want to know how to become a millionaire ? A million dollars doesn't go as far as it used to, but it's still wealthy. Here...  Buy Inkjet Toner Wholesale Starting Prices $0.43 Cents NDITC Resources Catalog Price Sheets Order FormsNDITC Inkjet Refilling Business Manual Authored by Gregory Bodenhamer Fortune 100 Consulting Specialist NDITC Founder and Owner of ...  Hewlett Packard Start Your Own Inkjet Toner Printer Cartridge Business NDITC Gets you started for Free The Best Business Idea in America Today NDITCI Want To Start A Small Business, the first question of any business owner is what is the best money making business idea in America to...  Make More Money, Become A Millionaire in America. You can become the newest Millionaire in America and NDITC is willing to help you free. NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company Start Your Own inkjet and laser toner printer cartridge company, home based, packed full of cash profits so register your zip code today. Make More Money, Become A Millionaire in America. You can become the newest Millionaire in America and NDITC is willing to help you free. NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company Start Your Own inkjet and laser toner printer cartridge company, home based, packed full of cash profits so register your zip code today. Start Your Own HP Hewlett Packard Home Based Inkjet and Laser Toner Printer Cartridge dealership, free for the asking. Looking for a Job, Start your own career with no money, no credit card and you never need a lawyer.Make More Money, Become A Millionaire in America.  You can become the newest Millionaire in America and NDITC is willing to help you free. ...  NDITC Become A Millionaire “Free registration shows no signs of slackening despite this recession we’re in today. We’re helping people get back to work, own their own business and creating their own success stories. We promised to give away 43,000 free plans 1302 to help people get back on their feet. We’re zip code driven so we hold home based zip codes for 15 days for free while people decide if the business is right for them and their families.”NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company Mechanicsburg Pa Gregory Bodenhamer explains how to use the American Free Enterprise... HP Hewlett Packard NDITC NAND Global Supply Chain Inkjet Toner Printer Cartridges Business Model Blue Prints Business Plans Refilling Refill HP NDITC New Deal Ink Toner Company Gregory Bodenhamer Start Business Make A Million Get Rich NDITC Manuals Guides Catalogs Coupons Wholesale Factories Dealers Wanted Resellers Wanted NDITCBecome A Millionaire Get Rich Inkjet Toner Printer Cartridges Global Business Planning HP Hewlett Packard NDITC NAND Global Supply Chain... Home Based Inkjet Refill Business Toner Refill Business is the answer you’re looking for to create the income you need or want.Home Based Inkjet Refill Business Toner Refill Business is the answer you’re looking for to create the income you need or want. Hello, my n...  Global Empire Millionaires Millionaires Know Best NDITC Ink Toner Wholesaler Directory  NDITC Action Books Millionaire Library  NDITC Guidebook Library  NDITC $153K Annual Earnings  HP Factory Wholesale Directory  Become A Millionaire NDITC  NDITC Ink Toner Refill Business Manual  Click Inside Herehttp://img1.blogblog.com/img/icon18_wrench_allbkg.png HP Dealership Application NDITC  NDITC Start Ink Toner Business   
Online Ink Toner Dealers Wanted NDITC Wanting to start your own inkjet and laser toner business? Wouldn't it be great to be able to quit your job, be your own boss and earn a paycheck from the comfort of your own home while earning a great deal of money selling ink and laser toner printer cartridges? It’s called the New Deal Ink and Toner Company (NDITC), sweeping up profits all across the nation. If you’re looking for a new job, maybe a new career or wanting to start your own business, NDITC is your absolute solution to making money, without an inkjet toner refill machine, no franchise, no royalty fees, no management fees or complicated contracts. It’s a New Deal Ink and Toner Company. We have the Only Complete Systems within The Ink Toner Market Today. New Deal Ink and Toner Company Email NewDealInk@Live.Com Web http://www.NewDealInk.Com Copyrighted 2010-2014 All Materials Programs Facts Notes Data Ideas are Private Intellectual Academic Protected Property of NDITC Gregory Bodenhamer 2010 Mechanicsburg Pa NDITC Copyrighted 2010 All Rights Reserved and Protected, $100,000 penalty consequence fine as this text and the systems, programs, offers cannot be copied or saved or otherwise stored and distributed for profit or pleasure All NDITC New Deal Ink Toner Company inscribes are protected intellectual property and has been created for the sole benefit of NDITC and their clients, customers, shoppers and consumers. New Deal Ink and Toner Company, Mechanicsburg Pa, will receive questions from all across the United States of America; Where do all those internet companies selling inkjet and laser toner printer cartridges buy their inventory? How can they sell inkjet cartridges lower than the big retail stores? How can I start my own low cost, high profit ink and toner printer cartridge business? NDITC has four different plans, which one should I choose? My Google search shows hundreds of ink toner wholesalers, which one is the real deal? Can I start my business without buying some expensive inkjet refilling machine? I understand that many cartridges on the internet may be stolen? I don’t want to buy any inkjet laser toner franchise because they cost too much, who do I trust? We don’t know how to start, what do we do? We cannot afford some ink toner cartridge franchise, what’s the alternative to high priced franchise deals? How much does a regular inkjet refill machine cost? Where is the market moving? How can I compete with Staples? What’s all the talk about inkjet and toner printer cartridge recycling? Why are so many local refilling companies failing? Will my company be able to compete with Staples Wal-Mart Office Max Office Depot Best Buy K-Mart Radio Shack? I want to start a small ink and toner cartridge business, what do I do? I see inkjet cartridges for a couple of dollars on EBay, how do they do that? I’ve got to earn at least $500 a week, will this work? Do I need a business loan to start my ink toner business? Some of the questions may sound very familiar? NDITC helps people start their own inkjet and laser toner printer cartridge business, all over America. Over the years, our founder and owner, Gregory Bodenhamer, previously a specialist with Fortune 100 Multi-Billion Dollar Staples Inc formulated and devised what he thought was the perfect ink and toner cartridge business. NDITC invented and put together easy to understand ink and toner business plans. He originated a business idea or business model that allows regular people, people just like you, to create their very own ink and toner printer cartridge business, with a little bit of money, with very little risk. Over the many years our founder traveled the country teaching other people how to buy, sell and profit within their business, including the giant Staples Inc. He knew the insider secrets. He understood the fantastic earning potential of some product lines. He understood that the major profit streams of major retailers and inkjet or laser toner printers manufacturing companies were found within the consumables of inkjet and laser toner printer cartridges. You can now own one of these NDITC business plans that puts into words everything you need to start your inkjet and laser toner business, big or small and start making money almost from day one. EARNING A PAYCHECK www.NewDealInk.Com It’s part of that American Dream, in these tough economic times they are few guarantees, but the opportunities surround us if you know where to look. NDITC founder is a fortune 100 manager that has extended his ink and toner business model plans all across America. You know the names of Hewlett Packard Canon Epson Lexmark Dell Brother Sharp Panasonic and all the others. Millions and millions of people are looking to earn more money and save money at the same time. People are starting their own inkjet and laser toner printer cartridge business with the help of New Deal Ink and Toner Company. NDITC helps you buy and sell and make money. Many people, most people, do not realize the internal workings of ink and toner printer cartridge factories. NDITC receive real information and timely information that turns into cash. Most small business owners never get the truth about importing and exporting ink and toner printer cartridges, until we started the New Deal Ink and Toner Company. Little companies and consumers in general terms are on the outside of the market, the very edge and pay for everything. People that want to start their own inkjet and laser toner printer cartridge business go to Google or Bing and type in wholesale inkjet cartridges. No human being can research the 24,300,000 responses you receive from Google for an example. What’s very interesting to note when you know the real wholesale suppliers and factories you can quickly see where the top twenty listings buy their ink and toner printer cartridges. How many factories do think really exist and survive in the United States? How many ink and toner printer cartridge factories are really in China? How many inkjet laser toner printer cartridge factories are operating in Ireland today? When you know the truth, everything looks different. These so called wholesale inkjet and laser toner printer cartridge companies are making a fortune and piles of cash. The big retailers are racking in money by the truckloads. The Original Equipment Manufacturing companies (O.E.M.) like Hewlett Packard Canon Epson Lexmark Dell and Brother are staying alive by selling their fifty cent cartridges for fifty dollars. These so-called or phony wholesale companies on the internet are playing on the replica model. They set up many mock web sites, under different names but they are all operated by one company. Warning; they are simulated wholesale direct companies. Their imitation is making them rich and the consumer and people wanting to start their own business very poor. They pretend to be wholesale and people think they are saving money. Not so fast. They also sell complete systems to people wanting their own ink and toner printer cartridge business. You give them a few thousand dollars and they allow you to use their own replica or mock web site design, their inventory secrets and suppliers under your name. On average you would pay about $2,000 to pretend to be another ink and laser toner seller, under your name and they drop ship the order for you, to the ultimate consumer. You never know the suppliers. I think most people realize the market-place does not have twenty four million wholesale ink and toner suppliers. The market also holds a lot of counterfeit ink and laser toner printer cartridges. They set up false companies and start selling counterfeit or bogus cartridges to you and then close their mock business in a few months. You can quickly see that thousands of people would want to buy a laser toner printer cartridge for $50 rather than $200. They sell them to thousands and then close the doors. The consuming customer gets an empty box or an empty laser toner printer cartridge. The customer sends email, phone calls and complaints. They just close the doors with hundreds or thousands of dollars and start all over in the next state, under a different name. Fraud and deception or business scams and swindles are all over the internet, the ink and toner cartridge business might just lead the pack on deceit and counterfeit products. The market has mock machine makers that get you to sign a contract for five thousand to fifty thousand dollars and you send them a check for complete payment. You never get the machine. They’re gone. Inkjet and Laser Toner Printer Cartridges wholesalers and suppliers you find on the internet are like snake oil sales. They send you bad cartridges and will never refund your money because they say it’s your printer that’s defective. The swindle is that you won’t do anything buy yell when you get cheating out of less than fifty dollars. We cannot name the names in public. We see one so-called wholesale inkjet and laser toner printer cartridge company selling pretend wholesale prices for let’s say $60.00 and the real wholesale price is $14.00. Searching, just today, HP Q2612A laser toner printer cartridge, a very popular one, is selling so-called wholesale for $42.00 right now. A NDITC client will pay $14.00, the real wholesale price. Maybe you should get to know Gregory Bodenhamer, the founder of a great company that’s spreading right to your front door. It’s a New Deal. New Deal Ink and Toner Company Email NewDealInk@Live.Com Web http://www.NewDealInk.Com Copyrighted 2010 All Materials Programs Facts Notes Data Ideas are Private Intellectual Academic Protected Property of NDITC Gregory Bodenhamer 2010 Mechanicsburg Pa NDITC Copyrighted 2010 All Rights Reserved and Protected, $100,000 penalty consequence fine as this text and the systems, programs, offers cannot be copied or saved or otherwise stored and distributed for profit or pleasure All NDITC New Deal Ink Toner Company inscribes are protected intellectual property and has been created for the sole benefit of NDITC and their clients, customers, shoppers and consumers. Get your part of the technology money making business. Sell inkjet and toner printer cartridges. NDITC gets you started and shows you how to profit. This could be the day you decide to start your own business with New Deal Ink and Toner Company. You won’t be alone; we’re nationwide and expanding into every neighborhood in America. Starting your own inkjet and laser toner business made easy and affordable. How about starting your own Ink & Toner Printer Cartridge business for as little as $39.95 and we’ll give you everything you need to buy at the real wholesale price and show you how to sell at profits. Economic Impact of Local Businesses vs. Chains Studies have found that locally owned stores generate much greater benefits for the local economy than national chains. Retail Employment These studies examine whether the arrival of a superstore increases or decreases the number of retail jobs in the region. Wages & Benefits Studies have found that big-box retailers, particularly Wal-Mart, are depressing wages and benefits for retail employees. Existing Businesses These studies look at how the arrival of a big-box retailer displaces sales at existing businesses, which must then downsize or close. This results in job losses and declining tax revenue, which some of these studies quantify. Poverty Rates Counties that have gained Wal-Mart stores have fared worse in terms of family poverty rates, according to this study. Social and Civic Well-Being This study found that Wal-Mart reduces a community's level of social capital, as measured by voter turnout and the number of active community organizations. City Costs These studies compare the municipal tax benefits of big-box development with the cost of providing these stores with city services, such as road maintenance, police and fire—finding that cities do not always come out ahead. State Costs Because many of their employees do not earn enough to make ends meet, states are reporting high costs associated with providing healthcare (Medicaid) and other public assistance to big-box employees. Subsidies The expansion of big-box retailers has been financed in part by massive development subsidies and tax advantages provided by local and state governments. These studies document those subsidies and their failure to produce real economic benefits for communities. Consumers & Prices Are chains better for consumers? Traffic How do vehicle miles traveled and trips increase as a result of big box developments? Charitable Contributions Small businesses donate about twice as much per employee to charitable organizations as large businesses, according to this study If you can learn these few things, really learn them, study and apply what Gregory Bodenhamer teaches, you’re going to change your success rate, inspire other people, forget about the price of gasoline and start helping other people. New Deal Ink and Toner Company is about people first, they just happen to sell more inkjet and laser toner cartridges than you can imagine. The principles of Gregory Bodenhamer are being taught around the world, one human being at a time. The State College Nollijy University Research Institute sponsors the white paper concerning research and people. New Deal Ink and Toner Company Mechanicsburg Pa is stretching around the world are the fortune 500 group is taking notice. Hello my name is Dorothy Parker Ph.D. and my know-how and proficiency remains helping other people start and most importantly continue to operate a profitable business ink and toner printer cartridge business. I found Gregory working at a Fortune 100 company as one of a hand full of specialists, helping them grow and profit and the rest is history or should I say history in the making. Gregory has started and sustained something. It’s called the New Deal Ink and Toner Company for a great reason, it’s never been done before, and it’s truly a New Deal Ink and Toner Company. It’s the very first public company that created and established an entire company based on the people first. Gregory Bodenhamer is the pioneer of people (PeopleNology) companies that just happen to sell products and services. His foundation work is found within fortune 500 companies, initial public offerings, small chapter S corporations and maybe even your local lemonade stand. Many people have never heard of PeopleNology because it’s right under the surface of many companies, making them profitable, making them happy, helping them grow and prosper into the future. The good news is that with a little planning and some inventory help and advertising help from the New Deal Ink and Toner Company, it is possible to start your very own home based, cash making company. All you have to do is Google the name New Deal Ink and Toner Company Mechanicsburg Pa and get started. Let's delve a little deeper into how to start a small inkjet, laser toner business from your own home or for that matter from your backyard garage, and help you decide how much planning and money you'll need to be your own boss. Gregory Bodenhamer giving away the New Deal Ink and Toner Company Concept is your first big step to a new career. Business is all about people first and products and services second. This is the new way to make money, people first. Before you quit your job or before you go into business, the potential entrepreneur (you) must always first think of a concept, product or service to generate a steady income.
What do people want? What do people buy? Why do they buy those things? Who do they buy them from? How much do they pay? Where do they buy from? Are they happy? Are they sad? Answer these simple questions. Do you have a computer? Do you have a computer printer? Does your printer take inkjet cartridges? Does your printer take laser toner cartridges? These are simple questions and your answers bring about a whole new business called the New Deal Ink and Toner Company. Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value. Some more questions? Where do you buy your inkjet cartridges? Where do you buy your laser toner cartridges? Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Some more questions? Do you know people that own computers? Do you know people that buy printer ink? Do you know people that buy laser toner cartridges? And while that may sound easy, it's not. We have just asked some very simple questions that have arranged a multi-billion dollar industry for the most part that’s growing year after year. If I have been of service, if I have glimpsed more of the nature and essence of ultimate good, if I am inspired to reach wider horizons of thought and action, if I am at peace with myself, it has been a successful day. More questions? Have you ever bought inkjet cartridges? Were you happy with the price? Have you ever been inside a Wal-Mart, Staples, Office Max, Bj’s Wholesale, Office Depot, Best Buy Store, Cartridge World or any other place that sells inkjet and laser toner cartridges? Have you ever bought laser toner cartridges? Do you know a business that has a printer? Does your school have a printer? Does your church have a printer? Do your friends have a computer printer? Your ability to learn faster than your competition is your only sustainable competitive advantage. Learn more about the New Deal Ink and Toner Company and start your business, start making more money and friends. NDITC 2010 You should conceive a plan that puts your knowledge, experience and expertise to use but in a way that allows you to make the most amount of money. It’s only common sense to plan a business that will make money, with easy to find customers. It’s also very important today to realize that every human being on earth needs something. The good food, water and clothing are always required. But modern neighborhoods are full of modern technology and this technology has needs just like a human being. Realize that technology, specialized equipment like laser toner printers and inkjet computer printers are machinery and tools that require very little skill but does consume things like electricity, inkjet printer cartridges, laser toner cartridges and other consumables. All my growth and development led me to believe that if you really do the right thing, and if you play by the rules, and if you've got good enough, solid judgment and common sense, that you're going to be able to do whatever you want to do with your life. In all reality most people now have a computer and just about all computers come with a brand new printer that uses inkjet or laser toner printer cartridges, and they cost a lot of real money. When first thinking of some business ideas, start with areas you already have a great deal of interest, equipment and materials for or can get quickly at some affordable price. If your area of experience is not the place for you maybe it’s time that you strike out for something new and exciting and most importantly profitable. The ink business is kind of like the barber shop haircut business. The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success. You get a haircut often because in just a matter of weeks you need another one. An inkjet cartridge is about the same thing. Your printer requires ink and if you use it, you’ll need another inkjet cartridge in just a few weeks. To eat something is to consume something. To print something on your computer printer eats up ink inside your inkjet printer cartridges. Your printer guzzles ink and burns up a lot of your money. Inkjet and Laser Toner Cartridges are described as consumables that illustrate that you use them and go buy another one. Your razor blades are the same way. You wear one out and run to the store and buy another. You drive your automobile by using gasoline, when you run out, you stop. When you run out of ink inside your inkjet or toner inside your laser toner cartridges you stop and discontinue printing, the process of printing ends and you must go buy more ink or toner. Sounds simple enough and you can turn out to be the richest man or women on the block if you may sell ink. Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. You can instantly buy a franchise and start your own ink business, but they are very expensive. The ink business does not have to be high-priced but most people just don’t know any better. People, just like you, have been taught through marketing and sales that ink is high priced, exclusive in nature and the brand names like Hewlett Packard, Epson, Brother, Canon and Lexmark is some kind of classy posh ink that you must have. This is the business that you can start without any of the financial or economic fear that surrounds most business start ups. With very little hard cash you can start selling inside the multi-billion dollar ink business. The fresh and contemporary author Dorothy Parker Ph.D. allows you the up-to-the-minute information you need to create your own business and launch your own great success. With this fortune 100 pioneer Gregory Bodenhamer Mechanicsburg Pa and the father of his own business you can have a new beginning. The foundation information that you must have is given to you freely and without all the counterfeit advice found inside so many business books. This is a genuine and real life guide book that allows you to start, survive, create success and become a noteworthy seller of inkjet, laser toner cartridges. You and a bunch of friends can get together and toss your money in the hat and start anything you want. You should know that most business adventures fail. You’ll be glad to know that we know why most small businesses fail. We’ve solved all those problems. 1. You need a customer. 2. You need to know what they need and buy. 3. You need a supplier or factory or make what they buy. 4. You need to make profit on each transaction. 5. You need hundreds or thousands of transaction. 6. You need to understand that business is risk. 7. Customers don’t trust, they try first and then they trust. 8. You need a supply chain, factory, warehouse, store, customers. How do you get it to the customer. 9. You need help and advice from experienced people. 10. You need to sleep at night. We all know the major brand names within this multi-billion dollar marketplace. The Fortune Companies like Hewlett Packard, Brother, Epson, Canon and Lexmark, just to mention a few, have become too important within the market and have made billions, yes billions of dollars in profit, they have forgotten the customers. At times, in certain situations,their substantial size and production capacities, their world-class marketing and supply chain capabilities gives them the market capacity to charge too much and too often and trick customers, fund and support deceptive marketing and sales, trap and scam customers by the millions. Their resources and wherewithal has created and sustained a global market within their product lines. They also have many inabilities, which we will review and talk about for your benefit. Hello, my name is Gregory Bodenhamer and I remain a Fortune 100 specialist and authority within the supply chain, wholesale and retail operations of very big companies. Getting expert help is the key to success. This will help cut down on the startup costs as you won’t be making the mistakes like the guys down the street. Experience is knowledge and know-how and any company must have growing pains and suffer through start ups, inventory shortages, labor disputes and market changes but expert experience keeps everything in perspective so you can succeed. For your company to hit the ground running when you do hang out your sign you’re going to need help, maybe a rich uncle etc but one thing for sure you’re going to need customers and products. As an expert within my specialized field you will find my thoughts and action steps qualified and proficient. The inkjet, laser toner cartridge business is worth tens of billions of dollars. My own career allows me to guide you, show you the way to the direct path to profits, revenue growth and all the good things you can gain by starting your own business. Let me give you a suggestion into the great allusion that has been created by The Fortune Companies like Hewlett Packard, Brother, Epson, Canon and Lexmark, just to mention a few. This suggestion also comes with a warning. The very mention of these facts to your friends and family will create some bitterness and anger so you should keep them hush-hush. The great illusion or if you prefer the great fantasy is that inkjet and laser toner cartridge components are expensive. These giant global companies have created their own daydream and also the consumer nightmare. Quality ink for your inkjet printer cartridges wholesales within the printing industry for about $60.00 to $75.00 a gallon. If you use a inkjet cartridge refiller service like a Cartridge World, Office Max or even Walgreen’s you’re getting about $0.75 cents worth of black ink for $10.00 to $15.00 dollars. The marketplace has created the false impression that ink is very expensive and very exclusive and very special to your specific printer. The complete story tells the whole truth. You need to do some homework. Where can you purchase inkjet and laser toner cartridges? This great illusion, the brand name inkjet laser toner cartridge business, like most magic tricks have some reality facts mixed inside all the false impressions. Did these giant companies, the Fortune Companies like Hewlett Packard, Brother, Epson, Canon and Lexmark, just to mention a few spend millions of dollars on research, chemistry, production discipline, knowledge based research and development? Yes. These companies and their retail partners followed the American Dream right into your purse or wallet. These companies have done great things with machines, engineers, chemistry, process controls, management, and designs, marketing and just plain old selling their dream to you. You can print anything you want at home. This printing technology allows you to enter the art of printing without any special skills. All you need is their printer and their expensive ink Doing something you like isn't the only consideration. You need to get an idea of the prospects for the potential business. Is it a business with a market? Can you make money at it? This will require some research into the marketplace as well as how other similar businesses have fared. Developing a Work Space Your home is where you live. This means that its primary function is to serve as a dwelling for you and your family - not as a warehouse or meeting place for your business and its clients. Make certain that if you are considering entering the manufacturing business (for example) that your garage or shed is large enough to handle your work - without forcing your family and your vehicles into stormy weather. Similarly, if your work will be computer-based, make sure that you have the technology necessary to give your idea a fighting chance. In addition, make sure that you have a dedicated area that's cut off from the rest of the house and that can afford you some privacy. Remember, hearing a barking dog or a crying baby in the background when you are trying to work or meet with a client may not be ideal for you or your family. Outsourcing Partners/Employees while it would be great to be the sole owner of your company and have complete control of every aspect, sometimes a lack of funds or experience make it necessary to have a partner. In this case, consider someone that is bright, will represent the company well, and has some sort of expertise in the business you are developing, be it sales, marketing, book-keeping, or other financial matters. Also, try to define the tasks that you and your partner(s) will be responsible for before opening up shop. That way, there will be fewer disagreements and the business will operate more smoothly. Also, make sure that all partners are legally cared for by the company, and that the proper forms are filed with the regulatory authorities - this may mean filing twice and paying for title changes if you need to find a new partner, but it will protect both of you in the long run. Next, decide if you'll need employees - whether now or in the future. If so, put some thought into how you will get them and what you will pay them for their work. Also, think about how you'll do payroll and whether people will want to work from your home, from their own homes or if you'll need to find another facility to house them. Doing Your Research some books on forming a small business suggest that after hatching an idea, an entrepreneur should just "go for it." However, this bold approach could land you in some shaky territory. Instead, a good first move is to start asking family and friends what they think about your small business idea. Consider asking them specific questions such as: • Would you purchase this particular product and/or service? • What do you think its worth? • What is the best way to market the idea? • Is this something that you think is a fad, or do you feel it could be a viable business for the long term? • Is there anything you can think of to improve this idea? • What other businesses in this field have you heard of or do you currently use for this product/service? If you're married and/or have kids, you should also be asking your family how they feel about you quitting your job and working from home. This will affect them on a psychological and financial level. If any of their answers are negative, you should spend some time discussing their concerns and decide whether your goal is worth continuing against their wishes. After obtaining all of this feedback, go back to the drawing board and see if the idea can be improved upon so that your product or service can be differentiated from the competition. Remember, you want to hit the ground running and turn as many heads as possible when first starting off! Finding Funding Once you have an idea and the approval of your family, you need to decide how you are going to finance it. Most businesses will need at least a little startup income. This investment will hopefully help you break even after a year, but keep in mind that even successful businesses can remain in deficit for the first few years. Because of this, you will want to tap into a few different sources of funding. Some of these include: • A small-business loan • Savings • Money generated from other investments • Family/friends who will act as investors • Personal loan from the bank • Home equity loan • Credit cards (as a last resort) Source capital that won't hamper your longer-term security. In other words, try to avoid racking up costly credit card debt that could cost 20% or more in yearly interest fees. Also, try to avoid borrowing against your 401(k) or other similar plans as this may adversely affect your retirement. Finally, one of the best things you can do before you take the entrepreneurial leap is to build up an emergency fund to fall back on if your company doesn't break even for a few months. Three months of living expenses is a minimum goal for a new business owner, but even more will help take the stress off of you and let you spend your energy on your company. (To learn more, see Build Yourself An Emergency Fund.) Covering Your Bases All business owners should think about what would happen to the enterprise and the revenue streams being generated if health or other issues were to prevent them from being involved in the business. In other words, if the entrepreneur were to become disabled, who would takeover? Could the business survive? Consider these issues beforehand and determine whether disability income insurance makes sense, or if a partner could fill the void caused by your absence. (To find out more about protecting your company, see The Disability Insurance Policy: Now In English, Protecting Your Income Source and Protect Your Company From Lawsuits.) Foreseeing the Future It's great to own a business, but ultimately the entrepreneur will probably want to retire or move on to other challenges. With that in mind, you should create a business plan that discusses how you will transfer, sell or close your company. If your business depends on your unique knowledge and contacts, it may not be able to be assumed by another party. Conclusion There are few things more satisfying and rewarding than launching and owning your own home-based business, but before diving in, be sure to do your homework. Making a business work is not an easy task, but proper planning will help to increase its chances of success. Traditionally, most people took a job with a single company at age 20, worked there their entire lives and eventually retired from that same company 40 years later, often with a nice gold watch. Now, the gold watches are gone and multiple career changes are almost expected over a working lifetime. This has given rise to the professional freelancer, someone who works without long-term commitments to a single employer. They hop from job to job, selling their swords to the highest bidder. While the idea of being your own boss and enjoying the variety and freedom of the freelancer's life sounds great, these perks come at a cost. In this article, we'll help you decide if freelancing is for you. To Be Bossed? First, let's delve into why you might want to keep your nine-to-five job versus taking the free road to working in your PJs sitting on your living room couch. 1. It's Easier Come Tax Time Employees have the advantage of knowing that their employer is responsible for the mailing of W-2 forms at the end of each calendar year with all of their tax information on it. The employees then will take the information on that form and enter into the appropriate box/line on their tax return (1040), which again is easily laid out. Freelancers don't get off that easy. In fact, they are required to compile all 1099 forms from domestic employment, document the raw checks they receive from international employers, as well as keep accurate track of the many deductions and expenses they would have incurred throughout the tax year. This can be very difficult and time consuming. It also requires that the freelancer be extremely well organized, and either understand the basics of what is deductible or be able to afford an accountant who does. (To find out how to deduct your home-based business items, check out Don't Overlook These Broker Deductions.) 2. Retirement Accounts/Matching While not every employer offers employees 401Ks and/or other retirement plans, it has been estimated that some 440,000 companies do, based on research by the Profit Sharing/401(k) Council of America. A good number of these employers also provide employees with some sort of matching contribution that usually vests over time. Freelancers typically do not get to enjoy this benefit seeing as they are not officially an employee of the company. (To learn more about matching contributions, see Introductory Tour through Retirement Plans, Making Salary Deferral Contributions - Part 1 and Part 2.) Those who work for themselves may be permitted to set up Keogh Plans or Simplified Employee Plans to help fund their retirement, however they can be costly and time consuming to administer. Plus the contributions come from the employee's pocket. In other words, there is no "free money" to be had or matching programs available. (To find out how to establish your own plans, check out 401(k) Plans For The Small-Business Owner, Plans The Small-Business Owner Can Establish and Tax Credit For Plan Expenses Incurred By Small Businesses.) 3. Health Insurance Based on a 2006 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, roughly 60% of businesses in the United States offer their employee's health coverage. And while not every company absorbs the full cost of that insurance (some require employee contributions), the majority of the burden does traditionally fall upon the employer. This is a huge benefit for the average employee, given the rising cost of health care. (To read more on this subject, see Fighting The High Costs Of Healthcare and Five Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have.) Freelancers typically must go into the open market and purchase their own insurance for both themselves and their families. Unfortunately, this can cost the freelancer thousands of dollars in after-tax money each year. The bright side is that the cost of insurance (co-pays and the like) may be deductible. 4. Set Hours and Stability Full-time employees generally have set hours, which is great for guaranteed income and job stability. From a future employer's perspective, it also looks better if you have worked consistently at one company for a period of time, hopefully advancing in the position. There is very little room for a freelancer to edge out employees in this aspect, so if you aren't sure you could pull off freelancing, it may hurt more than your current bank balance. Freelancers, though able to work whenever and wherever they are, generally end up doing just that - working more hours than intended on weekends, evenings and holidays. These non-traditional work hours can wreak havoc on family or personal time. In addition freelancers often have peaks and valleys in terms of work flow. They will either be incredibly busy for a time or be incredibly slow for a period of time. It takes a long time to find a common ground with a workload that will pay bills and increase a portfolio. Or, Not to Be Bossed? Now, let's take a look at what benefits there are to be found in branching out on your own. 1. Numerous Deductions Freelancers who work from home are permitted to deduct expenses that they incur while performing their duties. This means that they may deduct the cost of computer paper, a computer, laptop, BlackBerry, cell phone, travel, and a myriad of other expenses that employees would not typically be permitted to deduct. If the items are used for personal and professional duties, then only a portion of the items will be deductible. This benefit can run into the many thousands of dollars and can help to offset some of the federal and state income taxes that would otherwise be owed by the freelancer. (To get started, see How To Qualify For The Home-Office Tax Deduction.) 2. Variety and Flexibility Employees are usually given a task or duty and then asked to repeat again and again, often for what can seem like eons. There is very little flexibility. Plus, these people rarely have the ability to branch out and learn new things. Freelancers don't have such restraints. While they may work in a particular field such as finance, they usually have varying duties and deadlines and interact with a number of different people. As a result, they are much less likely to be pigeon-holed in a particular position. 3. Compensation While it is not true in every case, the majority of freelancers (especially in the financial world) tend to be paid more per hour than their full-time counterparts. A major reason a company will pay a contractor a higher rate is that it doesn't have to provide health insurance coverage to its freelancers or generally pay their taxes for them. Freelancers must learn to budget in their income taxes into their requested rates so that come tax time they aren't paying out of pocket for work already completed and paid for. Companies also offer higher hourly rates to get freelancers interested in their projects. Competent individuals don't come cheap, especially for short-term projects (three to six months) . 4. The Commute - or Lack Thereof Many freelancers these days telecommute. All they have to do is flick on their computers from the comfort of home, and technically, they are at work. When it comes to the commute, freelancers usually have the advantage over employees who must hit the road during crush hours and spend valuable time, money and energy combating this nasty traffic. (Keep reading on this subject in, Extreme Commuting: Is It For You?) Bottom Line There are many advantages and disadvantages to being a freelancer. Being your own boss is great, and working from home is a big bonus, but before you take the plunge its imperative to carefully weigh the downside. Varying workloads and a lack of employer-funded healthcare, insurance and retirement planning can quickly destroy the benefits of "pajamas 'til noon". "The Safest Business Plan in America"at zero cost if you register your home zip code today.The remanufacturing and refilling of inkjet and laser toner printer, copier, fax and cash register cartridges is a multi-billion dollar business and there are millions of dollars available in your area. http://www.NewDealInk.Com You can be open-for-business in a matter of days and you never have to buy, lease or rent any type of inkjet refilling machine.  Housewives are making it big because they're earning cash money by operating their very own inkjet and toner cartridge business. It's uneconomic and silly to buy any type of inkjet refilling equipment or toner refilling equipment because you can become 85% more profitable with a NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company home based small business plan. A great business plan is really an invention and over the last seven years NDITC provides registered clients with product knowledge and factory services that you can sell for tremendous profits. You can become an authorized factory dealer, agent, broker, merchant, reseller and retailer of global brands like HP Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Dell, Brother and dozens more.  We teach you how to duplicate the success of hundreds of NDITC individually owned inkjet and toner cartridge dealership and you never pay any royalty fees, management fees, advertising fees and you are never going to need a lawyer. NDITC has several stores operating profitably and they serve as our market testing and training centers that are the foundation of our money making inkjet and toner cartridge business plans. You can start making cash profits in a matter of days.  The factory will deliver factory fresh, machine ready, guaranteed satisfaction cartridges to your customers or direct to you.  You'll be able to purchase factory direct inkjet and toner cartridges at the real factory direct wholesale prices. The most lucrative home based business in America today is offered up to you by NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Company.  We're going to hand you, tuition-free, our original plan 1302 package to let you explore and start your own inkjet and toner printer copier fax cartridge business free. You have zero risk because everything is free, and we mean free forever as you never owe use one thin dime. The most lucrative business, most lucrative home based or commercial business in America today is the inkjet and toner printer cartridge refilling business and the best news is you never have to buy, rent or lease any refilling machines or other expensive equipment. NDITC teaches you how to become a local neighborhood dealership for the national and global brands like HP Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Dell and Brother and we'll train you how to make money.Visit; http://www.NewDealInk.Com Do you believe in money making secrets?  Do you believe that other people can plan, start and sustain their own profit-making small business?  At little or no cost to you NDITC is willing to share with registered members the chain of events that will create cash income for you and your family. New Deal Ink & Toner Company New Deal Ink and Toner Company is the leading inkjet and toner cartridge consulting company in the United States today.  Just like on a dinner plate we can serve up a great small business plan that allows you to start your own inkjet and laser toner printer copier and fax cartridge business. You do not have to buy a franchise.  You do not have to buy, lease or rent any inkjet or toner cartridge refilling machines.  NDITC has a profit-proven business plan, full of money-making secrets, market-tested operational methods and a lot more.With little or no risk you can plunge into your own small home based inkjet and toner cartridge business and if you register today we'll let your start 100% free, and we mean free forever. NDITC provides all the online training and shows you all the profit making formulas that all the other companies hide from view.  You never have to pay any royalty fees and you own 100% of your own business. The NDITC inkjet and toner small business packages allows you to reap honest and rewarding profits within your own zip code.  Everything is drop-shipped for you.  You have no merchandise to carry and you won't need to tie up any of your cash money.  This complete and ready to go inkjet and toner printer copier fax cash register cartridge business is just perfect for the beginner in business. John was very pleased with the inkjet and toner cartridge business because it could be run right out of his home office and he already owned most everything he needed.  John reasoned that the inkjet and toner cartridge refill refilling business was a fantastic money maker because he had done his own local research as recommended by the business plan makers. The plan stated that you could start your own home based inkjet and toner printer copier fax and cash register cartridge business and with a very minimum amount of cash start earning money.  In fact, one of the plans offered was only $39.95 and it was on sale for only twenty five bucks. The plans were designed so that the average guy or gal could start small in their spare time (part-time) and allow the profitable business to mushroom into something much larger (full-time) and even more profitable.  John learned about all five small business inkjet and toner cartridge plans and decided on one of the larger plans.  John decided he wanted to start his cartridge business and truly wanted to cash in on this fabulous inkjet and toner cartridge business.  John knew he was a new comer in business but the plans were well respected and the free sample plan already helped him learn and earn at the same time. John found out that the old-fashioned mail order business wasn't dead at all but it had changed forms.  The internet allowed the old fashioned mail order business to gain new ground and make millionaires every day.  He had noticed that very few catalogs are received by U.S. Mail any longer because that distribution had been taken over by the internet.  There was no SEARS catalog and there wasn't going to be one next year. Like so many other beginners within the inkjet and toner cartridge business he was enterprising but didn't have a lot of cash money to start his business.  John had been on unemployment for a while and the past due bills were starting to plague him as there was no new job in sight.  He owned his home but had to sell his boat and his wife wouldn't be driving a Cadillac next time around.  John had worked his way up in the company from a supervisor to a manager but his employer was having a rough time during the recession.  John received his lay-off pink slip about four months ago so spending a lot of money would never be part of the plan. John found out about NDITC by doing a Google Search and started reading the many articles about the inkjet and toner cartridge business.  He found out that millions of dollars are spent every year right inside his own small town.  He knew he was a beginner but he truly thought that he had found the ideal home based small business idea. Inkjet and Toner printer cartridges enjoyed a very large market and the business segment was growing and growing.  The expected profit margins were really good when he discovered that you could buy a brand new factory compatible inkjet cartridge for less than one dollar and sells for twenty five dollars.  He wrote down what he liked about the NDITC plans and their projected outcomes; 1. Perfect mail order business.The Perfect Ecommerce Internet Business. 2. Everything can be drop-shipped. 3. No inventory required. 4. Large market and growing. 5. Offers up a great profit margin. 6. Just the thing for repeat sales. 7. Could purchase in small quantities. 8. Factory cartridge warranties and guarantees. 9. Internet based. 10. 100% ownership of the business. John followed the free plan NDITC 1302-1776 instructions and did a lot of research online and he even went to all the local stores. We would suggest that you follow John's lead and complete your own research before you buy any of the NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner small business inkjet and toner cartridge business plans.  You'll feel better just like John did before he completed the NDITC paperwork and sent in his plan payment.Visit these web sites and search inkjet cartridge prices.Search the retail inkjet price for; BROTHER inkjet cartridge Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge http://www.Staples.com http://www.OfficeMax.com http://www.OfficeDepot.com http://www.Walmart.com http://www.Bestbuy.com John kept up the research and visited all the web based cartridge outlets like http://www.Staples.com and  http://www.OfficeMax.com and started comparing the retail prices with the projected wholesale prices. He search the sites for a BROTHER inkjet cartridge Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge and noticed that Office Max charged $24.99 each. He would do the exact same search on the Staples web site and they charged $23.29 for the Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge. John continued with http://www.OfficeDepot.com and found out that the Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge retailed at Office Depot for $26.99 each. He even went to http://www.Walmart.com and discovered that Wal-Mart charged $24.44 retail.  He discovered like many others that the Best Buy online price at http://www.Bestbuy.com $23.99which really wasn't the best buy price on the internet. The more John looked the more he liked the NDITC inkjet and toner printer cartridge business plans; Retail Prices BROTHER inkjet cartridge Brother LC61 Black Ink Cartridge Staples                 $23.29 Office Max           $24.99 Office Depot        $26.99 Wal-Mart            $24.44 Best Buy              $23.99 John quickly noticed that all the major retailers essentially charge the same retail prices for inkjet cartridges, regardless of the brands.John also knew that he could buy a factory direct inkjet printer cartridge, Brother LC61 Black for one dollar wholesale, yes $1.00 each.The complete surprise was total.  How in the world could all the big box retailers charge $23.00 to $27.00 for this one little cartridge that John could buy from the factory for $1.00 each?John would open his profitable inkjet and toner cartridge business. Inkjet Toner Printer Cartridge Refilling Business, without refilling machines, without franchise fees or complicated contracts.  It's called the New Deal Ink and Toner Company and you can start your own inkjet toner cartridge business in a matter of days. You can start marketing brand name inkjet and toner printer copier and fax cartridges to dozens if not hundreds of local business owners.  NDITC lets you start your own inkjet and toner printer copier fax cartridge dealership business in a matter of a few days. The NDITC small business plans never charges you any royalty fees and you never have to buy or lease expensive cartridge refill machines.  The NDITC success-laden home business plans are used all across North America and NDITC is the leader in cartridge consulting. You receive direct access to real inkjet and laser toner cartridge factories that give you the ability to purchase factory direct inkjet and toner cartridges.  Join the closely knit chain of dealerships and enjoy this money making opportunity for free.StartYourInkBusiness@Live.Com Enjoy your day   Start Ink Refill Business INK CARTRIDGE REFILL, INK CARTRIDGE, CARTRIDGE, CARTRIDGE REFILL, INK CARTRIDGES, REFILL INK CARTRIDGES, REFILL HP INK, HP INK, NDITC New Deal Ink and Toner Inkjet Refill Machines New Used Buy Sell Lease Rent NO MACHINES NO FRANCHISE NO HASSLES NO LAWYERS , Start Making Work At Home Income Today NDITC The Best Inkjet Toner Printer Cartridges Factory Direct Wholesale Open Your Store Start Your Business Blueprints Plans Guides Instructions Suppliers Importers Exporters Brokers Agents Fulfillment Centers Distribution Centers Warehouse Locations Drop Shipping Ink Toner Printer Copier Fax Cartridge Drop Shipping 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